Depot Bruges

BEES Delivery is the supplier with a complete range of beverages. Our depot offers fast delivery in the Bruges region up to you stock space. We are always close by and happy to help you!


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Years of experience

Our name may be new, but we have a vast experience. Perhaps you know (former) wholesalers Fockenier, Lootens or Van Maele? We have joined forces and, as the biggest beverage supplier in Belgium, we offer you all the benefits for your bar or restaurant.

Depot Bruges facts

33 employees

More than 450 customers

Almost 800 drinks in our range

Almost 13,000 stops
per year

Rent a venue in Bruges?

Do you dream of your own venue in the catering industry? A bar or a restaurant for example? Let BEES Delivery help you. The map shows all catering locations that you can rent in Bruges.

No location found in the region of Bruges? View the full range of properties.

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Our team of professionals in Bruges who are passionate about their work and global impact

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 BEES Delivery only accepts orders from horeca venues, not from private individuals