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 BEES Delivery only accepts orders from horeca venues, not from private individuals

AB-InBev BEES Delivery horeca  wholesaler

      • HoReCa professionals
      • Organisers of small or large events
      • Institutions (we have a range of products specifically for offices and canteens)
      • Embassies / exports (we have a range of duty free products)
      • We're sorry but we don't take orders from individuals
    • You can receive your products directly in our shop. We also offer a delivery service to your premises the day after you place your order. You must be registered as a customer in order to have your order delivered.

      • Our logistics department for orders is responsible for deliveries.
      • Delivered directly to your establishment, the location of your event or your home in whole Belgium.
      • A service that allows you to order today and have it delivered the next day.
    • All our prices are set at the lowest possible price, they are recommended retail prices. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this together.

    • You can pay by bank transfer, Bancontact or credit card.

    • Empties is a chargeable deposit. These must be handed in on delivery or in the shop and are deductible from your purchases. The price of these deposits differs and varies from one supplier to another.

      • Yes, we offer our services for professional events, institutions and event organizers. We take back unsold or unopened goods. For more information, see the "I organize my event" tab.
      • Vizyon Drinks specialises in product availability, pricing and returns.
      • We take back unsold or unopened goods
      • Yes. Our products are under warranty depending on our suppliers and / or producers.
      • BEES Delivery grants a guarantee for the products to the guarantee of its suppliers and/or producers for the products concerned
      • We put you in direct contact with suppliers and/or producers
    • Our company works with suppliers such as: AB InBev, Duvel Moortgat, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi, Looza, Schweppes, Lipton, Spa, Bru, Chaudfontaine, Villers, Ordal, Evian en Aqua Pana.


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